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Difference between Selenium IDE & Web Driver

Selenium IDE
           Selenium Webdriver
·Selenium IDE is a record and run tool
·Selenium Webdriver doesn’t have have record and run functionality  
·It runs only in Mozilla
·Runs in all browsers  - Firefox, IE(6,7,8),Opera,Chrome

·No need of any Servers
·No need of any Servers
·Not  at all Object Oriented

Top 3 Antivirus apps for Android OS

The usage of Android OS Smartphones had gone a huge in numbers, as the number of the users increased the amount of apps also has been increased a lot in Google PlayStore.Which also has the negative impact means more number of viruses. Every Android user looking to keep their phone safe from viruses and also from thefts.Here we put together an updated list of Android Apps which are the Top 5 Best Android Antivirus Apps for Smartphones .

CM Security CM security (Clean Master) is an all-singing, all-dancing option made by Cheetah Mobile that brings you a whole host of anti-virus and security features for free - as long as you don't mind a few ads. Or you can pay $.99c each month to remove them.

Feature-wise it tries to offer everything - anti-virus, browsing protection, battery saving, privacy protection of apps, the whole lot. It takes pretty much the same simplified approach to each of those things too. CM security identifies what it describes as threats and then asks what you want to …

Getting started with Microsoft Dot Net

Learn Most Powerful Cross Platform Programming LanguageGetting Started with Microsoft Dot Net: Dot Net is a Software Framework developed by Microsoft in the year 1990, It is an open source programming language which runs anywhere. Programs developed using Dot Net Framework executes in an environment called as Common Language Runtime (CLR). The most significant feature of Microsoft Dot Net is it is used to develop “High Performance Applications in less time on any Platform “ Cross Platform performance makes Dot Net Framework an unique programming language which also helps to develop web sites that runs on many different platforms such as Windows, Linux, and macOS. Let’s go through this Dot Net Tutorial for beginners. Implementations of Dot Net Microsoft also has more other implementations under Dot Net Framework where each has its unique functionality and implementations Dot Net Core Dot Net Core is one of the alternative implementation of Microsoft Dot Net which an alternative for Manag…

Agile Testing Methodologies

Agile methodology is the latest SDLC model that has evolved several  development framework such as Scale agile, Scrum , Extreme Programming(XP), Feature Driven development etc. Agile is nothing but the term used to unite the self organized teams with principles of transparency, simplicity, flexibility, collaborative and responsiveness to deliver the customer expected modules incrementally. Entire development cycles will happen in the sense of review and adapting through each cycle in sense of product features and process.
Agile Manifesto:
·Individuals and Interactions over using the tools and process which makes process overhead. ·Customer satisfaction over contract negotiation and deal conversion. Focus on delivering the modules incrementally that satisfies the customer. Automatically that converts the deals instead focusing directly on preparing documents to make deals ·Working software should be delivered during end of every short fixed release cycles(Sprint or increment) over going wi…

Android - APP Store Optimization - Purpose & its Advantages

 APP Store OptimizationGuide What is that? APP Store Optimization (ASO) is the process which is used to increase the visibility of mobile app in app store. In other words it is just like search engine optimization used for website ranking in Search Engines such as Google, Yahoo. oSEO – Websites oASO – Mobile Apps

This App Store Optimization tutorial will help you to learn about the overall technique.
Purpose of APP Store Optimization Purpose of ASO is the one which we need to know about before starting optimizing our app. It is proved that apps which are higher in app store search results drives more downloads than others.              There are over 2million mobile apps in major app stores, thus getting your app noticed by users is one of the biggest challenge nowadays. Hence ASO is more important and plays a major role in boosting the amount of downloads of our app.
Goals of APP Store Optimization List of goals that every ASO marketers tries to reach out are as follows,
·To Rank higher for…

Top 5 Useful Android Apps for Students

Top 5 Useful Android Apps for Students
In this modern world the usage of Gadgets has become more, peoples who are in different fields are also using their own apps, students are also included in the list. Here are the Top 5 Useful Android Apps for Students.
Dictionary More than two million definitions, synonyms and antonyms,'s fast and user-friendly mobile app Available for free for both Android & iOS
BenchPrep BenchPrep is an interactive course library with all the graduate and professional exam study material you can handle. It includes hundreds of practice questions, flashcards, in-app purchases and almost 600 study lessons. Available for free for both Android & iOS Best Android Training in Chennai Duolingo Learn other Language, Duolingo provides courses in a number of languages including Spanish, French, German and Italian. Best of all, it’s totally free and presented in a fun and unique way. Available for free for both Android & iOS

Rooting in Mobile Device - Pros and Cons

Rooting in Android
What is Rooting?
 Rooting in Android is the process of allowing the users to attain privileged controls in Android Os such as installing unapproved apps, updating the OS, replacing the firmware, overclock the processor and also helps to customize anything you need.             Rooting access is compared to jailbreaking, which permits you to delete or complete removal of the operating system.
Methods in Rooting:
How to root the android device? There are many different methods which helps to root the mobile, few of them are as follows,             The process of rooting method involves the use of command prompt and a development interface called as Android Debug Bridge(ADB) There are also many different types of applications available which helps in rooting the android mobile as easy as possible just by clicking one button.
Pros and cons of rooting Android Device:             Pros: ·One of the major advantage of rooting android mobile is having a large amount of internal…