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Learn Most Powerful Cross Platform Programming Language

Getting Started with Microsoft Dot Net:
Dot Net is a Software Framework developed by Microsoft in the year 1990, It is an open source programming language which runs anywhere. Programs developed using Dot Net Framework executes in an environment called as Common Language Runtime (CLR).
The most significant feature of Microsoft Dot Net is it is used to develop “High Performance Applications in less time on any Platform 
Cross Platform performance makes Dot Net Framework an unique programming language which also helps to develop web sites that runs on many different platforms such as Windows, Linux, and macOS. Let’s go through this Dot Net Tutorial for beginners.
Implementations of Dot Net
Microsoft also has more other implementations under Dot Net Framework where each has its unique functionality and implementations
Dot Net Core
Dot Net Core is one of the alternative implementation of Microsoft Dot Net which an alternative for Managed Code Framework. It is also more or less similar to Dot Net framework and also shares some API,
The design of it differs from Dot Net framework where it based on different set of principles. Dot Net Core is an open source, cross platform and also free. Check more about it in Updated Dot Net Training Topics
Advantages of Dot Net
  • Dot Net allows the use of multiple languages
  • The model design is consistent programming model
  • Can support Linux and Mac through third parties
  • It consists of many languages in both cases such dynamic and static
  • It is Powerful Open source cross platform programming language
As mentioned above Dot Net has many number of features that makes it useful in different kind of field areas. Hence it is important to every beginner whose likes to enter into software field to have Dot Net Training.

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