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Definition of Functional Testing Types.
Functional testing
Functional  testing is a process  that helps to check all the functionalities in the application are working as per the expectation of the customer or not.

Unit Testing – This testing is done by  Development side – It is to ensure all the design implementation are done or not 
Integration Testing – Testing Performed when more than one modules are combined and also ensuring that all the functionalities are working as per customer definition.
SIT - System Integration Testing – Testing performed in an environment or server used internally in an organization where all the developed modules are combined.
UAT - User Acceptance Testing - Performing testing against requirements in the perception of user and also identifying the bugs in the perception of complexity in understanding the functionalities by the user.
Progression Testing- Verifying the new features and functionalities working as per the user or customer expectation
Regression Testing - Testing that ensure that all the existing features or functionalities are working fine due to the introduction of new features in an application.
Positive Testing - Happy Flows in an application. The flow along with application to ensure the customer expectation is met or not
Negative Testing - Trying all possible negative scenarios against the system to ensure the application reacting to invalid inputs from user.
Smoke Testing- Build Verification Testing - Application is eligible for further detail testing or not - Breadth wise testing
Sanity Testing - Build Verification Testing -Application is eligible for further detail testing or not - Deepthwise Testing - To ensure all the critical modules are working fine
Alpha Testing – Testing team will visit to Customer location for application like ERP , SAP by asking them to testing the application with guidance. Based on their feedback, improvising the application by the inputs from them.
Beta Testing – Releasing beta version to the customer and utilizing them as testers. Getting reviews from them and update the product based on their inputs.

Adhoc or Random or Monkey Testing - Testing performed without following any test cases. It can be tested based on scenarios comes from testers mind similar as that of customer mind.

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