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Broadcast your coding experience
Live streaming is catching up with the internet. Internet giants such as Facebook, Periscope, Twitter are utilizing live streaming to build their product and also enable people to interact freely. EdTech companies such as LiveEdu.tv is also enabling learners to use livestreaming to expand their skills and career prospects. The most beautiful aspect of the livestreaming is that a beginner can go online and start a journey on his own.
As a beginner, you need proper guidance and feedback. Most of this is not readily available online. By broadcasting your learning, you are exposing yourself to guidance and feedback from fellow learners and experts. The livestreams are also recorded, and you can always play to see what you did wrong, and how you have approached it differently. Learning from your own mistakes can make you learn faster and be more confident in the learning process.
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Solve Algorithms
Computers are all about algorithms. Everything a computer performs is defined in a number of steps. By learning to solve Algorithms, you are exposing yourself to how computers work. Learning to solve algorithms helps you improve your analytical and problem-solving skills.
But, you may argue whether a beginner who is pursuing web development needs to learn algorithms in the first place. Even though the algorithms will never be used in actual projects, they leave a lasting impression on your thinking abilities, making you an overall better programmer.
You can try out platforms such as TechGig, HackerRank, TopCoder, etc.
End-to-End projects
Want to learn better and succeed at the same time? Do End-to-End projects. They can give you a clear perspective of what you can expect in a real job. Most of the time you will be converting business or program logic to code. However, doing end-to-end projects can help you get a better grip on the whole project and take decisions accordingly.
Watching others code can also help you learn faster. It is a fact in computer science programming that if you want to get good in programming, you need to read a lot of code. The same is applicable for writers who want to become professionals in their field. The more you read or watch, the better you become -- it doesn’t matter if you are learning to code or learning to write.
Check out Ryhnoboy2009 who is working on a "Creating a Food Android Application" using Node.js
Teach Others
Learning is closely associated with teaching. The Protégé Effect enables you to dive deep into the material and ask questions which you would never do alone. The same pattern is also seen in siblings, where the first born tends to have higher IQ compared to their later-born sisters and brothers.
So, if you are learning to code, it is a very great idea to guide someone and share information. You can also share your knowledge and improve it at the same time. If you are having a hard time finding someone that you can teach, you can livestream some key lessons online using either YouTube or LiveEdu.tv. This will help you get some followers and get started.
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Reach out for help
Getting stuck is the part of learning. You are bound to get stuck when learning to code. There are a lot of things you will get confused and feel stuck. The best way to approach is to ask for help. Use forums such as StackOverflow to get quick answers. You can also join other forums for help.
A mentor can also help you gain knowledge faster. So, if you can get one locally or online, you can speed up your learning and make it more impactful.
Learning to code in 2017 is a lot different compared to a decade ago. The advent of livestreaming platform, easy availability to information and practice platforms give you all the tools required to become an excellent programmer. All you need to do is practice hard and be disciplined.
Do you agree with the innovative ways to learn to code in 2017? If so, comment below and let us know how you approach learning to code. We are listening!
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