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Let’s have innovation in automation with our old-school software testing best practices followed for years to add value to the software:

Software Requirement Specification (SRS) phase:    

While preparing this document of SRS, the scope of activities can introduce the test automation opportunities. Here, one more document can be prepared for internal purpose to list down the various test scenarios that can be tested using automation testing for a software being developed.

Testing Criteria for Entry-Exit Points:

Understand your software application being tested completely. Here, we do take care of when and how the testing of a particular testing phase will start and end. So, this will help us to decide how and which automation testing framework can be involved for a particular testing stage.

Checking for Bugs:

Every time, it is not necessary to ask the other members of a software development team to inspect the software application for errors as they might skip to test a few scenarios as per the user’s requirements. Rather, we can involve dedicated software testing, QA and test automation teams by outsourcing your software testing processes to a leading software testing company.

Automation for Cross-Platform Testing:

 There are various test automation tools which support headless testing. Headless testing avoids graphical user interface while performing web testing across various browsers & platforms.

Automation for Nightly Builds:

Earlier, we used to run nightly builds to track the bugs. But, nowadays, it is feasible to introduce bug tracking tools in your test automation strategies. You can also opt for a test automation tool that supports the bug tracking tools of your choice, whether it is JIRA, MANTIS or any other.

Not Just Usability Testing:

There had been many myths surrounded around test automation. But, we should use automation in a more optimized way. Yes, definitely for usability testing, but, other than that, the user interface (UI), database, regression testing, web service needs to be automated.

Automated End-to-End Testing:

We have seen a great demand for end-to-end testing by many B2B companies now. And, automating end-to-end testing ensures that the application functions appropriately and accurately according to the real user scenario.

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