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 APP Store Optimization Guide


What is that?

       APP Store Optimization (ASO) is the process which is used to increase the visibility of mobile app in app store. In other words it is just like search engine optimization used for website ranking in Search Engines such as Google, Yahoo.
o  SEO – Websites
o  ASO – Mobile Apps

This App Store Optimization tutorial will help you to learn about the overall technique.

Purpose of APP Store Optimization
        Purpose of ASO is the one which we need to know about before starting optimizing our app. It is proved that apps which are higher in app store search results drives more downloads than others.
             There are over 2million mobile apps in major app stores, thus getting your app noticed by users is one of the biggest challenge nowadays. Hence ASO is more important and plays a major role in boosting the amount of downloads of our app.

Goals of APP Store Optimization
 List of goals that every ASO marketers tries to reach out are as follows,

  • ·       To Rank higher for specific keywords
  • ·       To Rank higher compared to competitors
  • ·       To be in the position which can be easily found by the users

How to do APP Store Optimization
          How to do APP Store Optimization is the questions that confuses most number of APP Developers, The following steps will give you a clear idea about the process

Top Priority


          Keywords are the main factor in APP Store Optimization, In order to rank good it is important to select correct and relevant keywords which is most often used by your target audience.
              There are many tools available online to find the exact keywords that to be focused also take a look on your competitors which also helps.

          Title helps the users to reach your APP, hence it is important to make it attractive also must have your selected keyword.         
               Also often changing your APP also not recommendable which leads you to lose your audience who tries to reach you by your name.

Other ASO Factors

  • ·       Total Number of Downloads
  • ·       Reviews/ Rating to your APP
  • ·       Choose one visual element
  • ·       Use the same icon on different platforms
  • ·       Use the correct format and size
  • ·       Use URL Friendly characters in Name

Implement all these ASO factors in your app and analyze the result., above all it takes some time to get you on the path.

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