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Start to think of your resume as a selling tool, a tool that sells you, your work history, and your skills to potential employers. For those early in their professional career, resumes are relatively straightforward, while resumes for mid-career or late-career professionals are a bit more challenging.

And, if you are looking to change careers or industries, the challenge is even greater.

So, let’s start with defining the basics, and outlining who they are best for.

  • Chronological Resume Format
  • Functional Resume Format
  • Combination Resume Format
  • Two-page Resume
  • Creative Resume
  • Modern Resume
  • Clean Resume
  • Infographic Resume
  • Simple Resume

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Chronological Resume Format

Undoubtedly the most common resume, and probably the one most often typed on a typewriter decades ago, the chronological resume lists every job you’ve had, starting with the most recent.

Chronological resumes are best for:
  • Recent graduates with experience in the field through paid jobs, or internships
  • Mid-career professional with an extensive employment history
  • People with a work history that shows progress and forward movement along a relatively narrow career path
  • Individuals with nationally/internationally recognized companies
  • Military members looking to transition into civilian positions with similar job functions and responsibilities
  • Individuals working with an executive recruiter

Functional Resume

Over the last decade, functional resumes have become more popular because they focus on highlighting one’s abilities and achievements, instead of work history. While some hiring managers and executive recruiters will prefer a chronological resume, more and more are beginning to appreciate the clarity gained from a functional resume.

Who do functional resumes work best for:

  • Individuals with significant gaps in work history
  • Those needing to emphasize skills over job titles or companies worked for
  • Job seekers who frequently change jobs
  • Persons who are re-entering the workforce
  • People seeking to transition into a new career

Download: Functional Resume Template

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Combination Resume

Combining the best elements of the chronological and the functional resumes, the Steely resume template lends an air of authority while highlighting a balance of accomplishments, work history, and education.

Recruiters and hiring managers will appreciate how easy this template is on their eyes. This distinctive resume template is a great choice for financial professionals, hospital administrators, and those in the legal field.

Two Page Resume

The Button-Down two-page resume template is an update on a classic resume as it includes clean lines and bullet points to highlight your skills and experience. Mid-career and above professionals seeking executive management positions will find that it provides ample space to detail their work history, skills, accomplishments, and education.

Creative Resume

When personal computing was still fairly new, many people went overboard when designing and formatting their resumes. Today, flowery borders, watermarked dollar signs, scented paper, unnecessary graphics, a rainbow of colors, and annoying fonts will not get you an invitation to interview.

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Modern Resume

As applying for jobs has moved to the online environment where resumes and cover letters are uploaded or emailed, you can use more color in your resume design. Just do it judiciously, such as in our Blue Side resume template.

Clean Resume

Unless you are applying for a position in a creative field or one with a company with a creative identity, a clean resume that is easy to read and understand is always a safe choice.

The Goldfish Bowl resume template fits that bill; it is the epitome of simple, clean, professional, and basic, a quality that hiring managers and recruiters appreciate. Think of it as the classic men’s navy suit, or a woman’s standard black dress – it simply never goes out of style.

Infographic Resume

To give potential recruiters and employers a quick snapshot of your skills, experience, awards, and education, an infographic resume is the way to go. Our most popular resume template in this format is Boast, and it does a beautiful job of highlighting your work history, but also showing your creative nature, education, skills, and any industry awards and honors you’ve received. It is not over-designed, and it is easy for hiring managers to determine if you are a fit for their needs.

Simple Resume

The Talented resume template provides wide margins and bold headers that make this chronological resume easy on the eyes. It is a perfect executive resume template that allows for plenty of room to highlight your work experience and education. Individuals applying to traditional companies and those in the service industry or industrial fields will find it will suit their needs.

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