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Tips to Design your Test Data

Tester should always focus in test data that he is going use for validating an application. Aim of this article is to provide importance of test data in testing as well as to provide the standard guidelines to prepare test data that can be used for testing.
Test Data Introduction: Test data is nothing that the inputs that are planned by the tester to test the software/application. These planned data or inputs are added as column in the test case to showcase that these type of input should be given. This documentation of adding the inputs will be done during the test case preparation. Based on the input expected result of the application functionality will get differs that are all added as different scenarios during the test case preparation. Check out the top 10 difference between manual & automation testing before going further.
Importance of test data: Test data’s used in the application is good then the quality of the product will gets reached its maximum level. We can test both…