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Agile methodology is the latest SDLC model that has evolved several  development framework such as Scale agile, Scrum , Extreme Programming(XP), Feature Driven development etc. Agile is nothing but the term used to unite the self organized teams with principles of transparency, simplicity, flexibility, collaborative and responsiveness to deliver the customer expected modules incrementally. Entire development cycles will happen in the sense of review and adapting through each cycle in sense of product features and process.

Agile Manifesto:

·        Individuals and Interactions over using the tools and process which makes process overhead.
·        Customer satisfaction over contract negotiation and deal conversion. Focus on delivering the modules incrementally that satisfies the customer. Automatically that converts the deals instead focusing directly on preparing documents to make deals
·        Working software should be delivered during end of every short fixed release cycles(Sprint or increment) over going with detailed document.
·        Application should be always respond to change rather than going with static way of development like traditional models like waterfall, prototype model etc.

Continuous Integration and delivery of the qualitative product is the prime goal of the Agile methodology.
Agile testing is nothing that it focus mainly on individual interactions or short meetings rather doing of documents like qa checklist, detailed test cases etc. developers and testers  will sync in frequent intervals. Testing here is not only focus on identifying the bugs in the product features or functionalities. It needs tester help in grooming the product features that make value to the business. So participation of interaction with product owner will help is better qualitative product. Test activities are listed below that will help in the product improvements.
  • ·        Plan
  • ·        Run
  • ·        Evaluate
  • ·        Improve

Majors ceremonies and activities testers/developers in cross functional team guys in Scrum (Agile type)team will join and perform.

Planning meeting – It will happens in day 1 of each of sprint(Iteration cycle) for planning of task for each and its estimation will be done by team
Execution of sprint or scrum task – Team collaboratively works to complete the tasks in the sprint. They will ensure that everything is fine as per definition of done list.
Daily Scrum or Stand up calls – This meeting will happen of 15-30min per day to where team stands towards the sprint goals. Also to check any impediments for the team to move towards sprint goals
Requirement Grooming or Refinement – Understanding about the next level priorities in the product by team discussing with the product owner or stakeholders
Review Meeting - Demo the features that were developed during the sprint to the stakeholders.
Retrospective Meeting – Retrospective meeting will be end of the sprint after review meeting. Process side improvements will be done in this meeting by the team.

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